Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I'm tring to fight it

If anyone knows how to avoid getting a cold when you're being coughed all over by tiny snot machines and waking every hour or so to tend to their restlessness please call me soon.
I fear it may already be too late for me...


Krishele said...

As gross as this sounds, I swear by gargling with salt & vinegar in warm water...plus the nasal rinses (which you're already aware of). It's amazing the number of colds and sore throats I've skirted around or at the very least have been less severe in pain and duration. I hate doing it, but it works.

Lorna said...


I have two comments:

1) I'll miss your blog; LOVE reading it. So please. . . when I e-mail you for the other one, may I read it?

2) VITAMIN C -- I work with 7th/8th graders constantly hacking in my face. I take 2000 mg of vitamin C a day. 1000 in morning, 1000 at night. THEN when I feel the slightest twitch of something coming, I take 2000 mg every two hours. Yes, you spend a lot of time in the bathroom, but no cold.
I swear it works EVERY TIME!